Peggy's Peppers Sweet N' Hot Pepper Jellies are a superior product with an exceptionally sophisticated taste! Using only the freshest ingredients, our jellies are made with just the right blend of sweet and hot. The unique flavor profile starts out sweet and then slaps on a little heat just when you least expect it. Our complex, all natural, sweet and hot pepper jellies are a perfect compliment to wine and cheeses and make a great glaze or marvelous marinade for your favorite cut of meat, poultry or seafood. Use these colorful, chunky jellies to spread a little heat on otherwise dull dishes or to add a touch of class to family favorites.


Erin Fox-Basler grew up tasting the myriad of flavors in her mother Peggy's homemade pepper jelly. As a child she would tag along to the local farmer's market near their home in Allentown, PA, where they would gather a plethora of peppers for canning season. While Peggy was known to can all sorts of things, it was the pepper jelly that always stuck with Erin. Later when Erin had her own garden, each year she would pick her peppers and work on perfecting the unique flavor of the pepper jelly she grew up loving so much. She knew there was something special about the sweet and hot jellies that she would gift during the holidays. So she created Peggy's Peppers to share these delicious jellies with a larger audience.
To help her grow the business Erin sought out friend and neighbor, Cher Garrett. Cher has been spearheading her own strategic marketing, brand development, and design firm since 1990; developing brands from scratch for major food corporations, Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Cher's marketing firm, KGA, boasts a motto of "growing brands that people only a mother could". So it seems only natural that these two friends got together to apply their motherly love onto a product they both believe in.
Just as Peggy's Pepper Jelly delivers "The Perfect 'Wow!'" to any dish, the impressive duo of Erin Fox-Basler and Cher Garrett bring the perfect balance of expertise to these gourmet jellies.

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Erin & Cher