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Peggy's Peppers Pepper Jelly

gourmet sweet n' hot pepper jellies

The Partners of Peggy's Peppers


Just as Peggy's Pepper Jelly delivers "The Perfect 'Wow!'" to any dish, the impressive duo of Erin Fox-Basler and Cher Garrett bring the perfect balance of expertise to these gourmet jellies.

Erin Fox-Basler, Co-Owner


Erin has done a beautiful job carrying on her Mother Peggy's original Pepper Jelly recipe. She re-created homemade jelly flavors in her own kitchen when she reached out to friend and neighbor Cher Garrett to help her business grow. 

Cher Garrett, Co-Owner


Cher's branding firm boasts the motto of "growing brands that people love ...as only a mother could" – So it seems only natural that these two friends got together to apply their motherly love into a product, made by Mama Peggy, with love!!

A thank you note from Cher + Erin

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Thank you for all the love for our products over the years. We love to hear from you, especially when sharing your favorite ways to use Peggy's peppers Pepper Jellies. Send us your comments, suggestions, and feedback! Share the love on social media and spread the word about Peggy's Peppers to friends and family.

Cher & Erin

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